Using tidycensus to work with Census data

I put together a short presentation on how to work with data from the U.S. Census using the excellent tidycensus package. The slides live here You can download the starter code here.

Building Geographic Profiles with R+TidyCensus+Shiny

As part of a project to expand AAPI Data to include data on other racial/ethnic groups, we have created RacialData which features data on all racial and ethnic groups in the United States. In addition, we have launched a new tool called Geoprofiles

Census 2020: Challenges for the IE

As Census 2020 approaches, I wanted to take a closer look at the unique set of challenges that the Inland Empire faces in terms of achieving an acurate count. All the data comes from the Census planning database. In preparation for the 2020 Census, the planning database includes a census measure called Low Response Score or LRS. The LRS can be directly interpreted as the “predicted mail non-response rate”.1

IE Census 2020

Inland Empire Census 2020 Complete Count Committee